NFT Crowdfunding & Fractionalization Protocol Confti Launched

NFT Crowdfunding & Fractionalization Protocol Confti Launched
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May 24, 2022– Marks the official launch of NFT-Crowdfunding-amp-Fractionalization-Protocol-Confti-Launched, the NFT crowdfunding and fractionalization protocol. On NFT-Crowdfunding-amp-Fractionalization-Protocol-Confti-Launched, users can start crowdfunding Parties to buy scarce and valuable NFTs together, get NFT Parts, and have partial ownership rights like price governance or dividends. The platform supports division (fractionalization) of users’ NFTs into tradeable ERC-20 or ERC-1155 tokens.

The protocol allows any individual or organization to buy or auction NFTs listed on Foundation and Zero. Later, NFTs from OpenSea, Rarible, and SuperRare will be supported. The NFT Parts obtained through division can be traded on CEX, DEX, and NFT marketplaces anytime.

NFT-Crowdfunding-amp-Fractionalization-Protocol-Confti-Launched is an open-source protocol on Ethereum that builds a comprehensive decentralized solution for NFT issuance, crowdfunding, fractionalization, trading, and collateralized/normal lending to effectively meet the needs of various NFT investors.

Marks the official launch of NFT-Crowdfunding-amp-Fractionalization-Protocol-Confti-Launched (

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