Will XRP finally make a $1 in 24 or new booming crypto will do it faster?

Will XRP finally make a $1 in 24 or new booming crypto will do it faster?
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Ripple (XRP) recently made strategic moves, locking 800 million XRP in escrow and transferring 67.6 million to exchanges. These actions, observed by Whale Alert, aim to manage liquidity and potentially boost market value. Despite a recent downtrend, the Ripple (XRP) price surged to $0.506, showcasing the dynamic nature of the crypto market.

Read on to delve deeper into the recent moves and prospects of Ripple (XRP) and gain insights into the potential of the newly emerging crypto.

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After a stellar presale, ScapesMania swiftly garnered over $5M, propelling it into the highly anticipated public sale phase. The Token Generation Event (TGE), as revealed in a recent AMA session with ScapesMania’s CEO, is scheduled for March.

The public sale happens right on the ScapesMania website.The project has researched over 30 major launchpads and established relationships with several, but their terms didn’t fit ScapesMania’s holder-oriented goals and ambitions. Therefore, this is your last chance to purchase tokens directly from the issuer and be rewarded handsomely for it.

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Unlocking ScapesMania’s Growth Potential

Discover the driving forces behind ScapesMania’s success, propelled by a team of brilliant minds. Here are the key growth catalysts:

  • Strategic Marketing: A powerful post-listing plan is in action, targeting further expansion.
  • Presale Recognition: Securing top spots on presale trackers highlights the project’s initial success.
  • Influencer Support: Gaining endorsements from well-known crypto influencers adds credibility and visibility.
  • Holder Benefits: Being a ScapesMania token holder means active participation and perks, including token buyback, burn, and staking, a variety of bonuses, including referral rewards for introducing ScapesMania to your circles.
  • Enduring Value and Practicality: ScapesMania sets itself apart from fleeting trends, focusing on lasting value and practical use, unlike meme coins driven by short-lived hype.
  • Safety First: ScapesMania’s smart contract underwent a thorough audit by BlockSAFU, a leading security-ranking company. Developed in collaboration with the 2023 BNB Grant-winning developer, the project is poised for success.
  • Community Connection: ScapesMania actively engages with a thriving community, boasting a follower count of 60,000+.

Act Now and Join the Success Story!

With ScapesMania gaining momentum, now is the time to become a part of its success. The limited pool, the short timeframe, and the fact it’s selling out real fast make the decision to BUY NOW an easy one. Join the circles of ScapesMania holders before it’s sold out in a couple of days to see it potentially go up, up, and away!

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Ripple (XRP) Faces a Whirlwind of Activity: Escrow Locks, Whale Movements, and Security Breaches Stir the Market

In a series of events that have sent ripples through the cryptocurrency market, Ripple (XRP) has been at the center of significant attention. The blockchain-based digital payment protocol has seen a flurry of activity, including the locking of a substantial amount of Ripple (XRP) in escrow, notable whale transactions, and a security breach involving a high-profile figure’s personal account. These developments have had a mixed impact on Ripple (XRP) price, showcasing the volatile nature of the crypto market.

Ripple (XRP) has locked 800 million Ripple (XRP) tokens in escrow, a move that has piqued the interest of traders and investors alike. This action, part of Ripple (XRP) strategy to manage the supply of Ripple (XRP), involves two transactions: one locking 300 million Ripple (XRP) and another 500 million Ripple (XRP). The total value of the locked tokens amounts to approximately $404.86 million. This significant escrow lock has contributed to a surge in XRP’s price, with a notable increase of 2.04% over the past 24 hours, despite a 1.54% drop over the week and a 20.31% plunge over the month.

Additionally, whale activity has been rampant, with 67.6 million Ripple (XRP) being transferred to centralized exchanges (CEXs) Bitstamp and Bitso. These movements are part of a broader pattern of whale transactions that have been closely monitored by the crypto community.

The crypto space was also rocked by news of a security breach involving Chris Larsen, Ripple (XRP) Executive Chairman. An exploit led to the unauthorized access of Larsen’s personal XRP account, resulting in the loss of approximately 213 million Ripple (XRP), valued at around $112.5 million. This incident caused a stir within the Ripple (XRP) community and contributed to a downturn in Ripple (XRP) price, with a 2% decrease in the past week to $0.5019. The breach has raised concerns about security and has led to a significant drop in trading volume.

The combination of escrow locks, whale activity, and the security breach has created a complex scenario for Ripple (XRP). While the locking of a large amount of Ripple (XRP) in escrow and subsequent whale transactions have provided some upward momentum, the security breach has injected uncertainty into the market, leading to a price dip.

Looking ahead, the market’s response to these developments will be crucial. The escrow lock is likely to have a positive long-term impact on Ripple (XRP) price by reducing the circulating supply and potentially increasing demand. However, the immediate market sentiment may be influenced by concerns over security and the potential for further sell-offs.


The recent activity around Ripple (XRP) highlights the unpredictable nature of the cryptocurrency market, with the escrow lock signaling confidence but a security breach serving as a reminder of inherent risks. As Ripple (XRP) addresses these challenges, the crypto community awaits the impact on the Ripple (XRP) price and market position.

Meanwhile, ScapesMania emerges as a promising contender in the crypto space, offering a unique approach to the gaming industry, lasting value, practical use, and active community engagement. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to be part of this exciting venture and secure your tokens before they run out.

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