63% of Europeans Say That Crypto Will Exist in 10 Years, But Only 49% Believe in Bitcoin

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63% of Europeans are confident that crypto will still exist in 10 years, according to a survey from bitFlyer.

63% of Europeans are confident that crypto will still exist in 10 years, according to new research from bitFlyer. London-based fintech publication FStech reported on the survey on April 24.

Tokyo-based crypto exchange bitFlyer, which was licensed to operate in the European Union in 2018, reportedly polled 10,000 respondents in Europe to find out what they think about cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin (BTC).

The exchange reportedly surveyed the following ten countries: the United Kingdom, Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Poland and Spain.

When asked about crypto in general, the majority of Europeans claimed that they believe that crypto will exist in 10 years, with more than 50% of respondents in each country predicting that will still exist in some form.

Specifically, Norwegian respondents turned out to be the most optimistic about the future of crypto, with 73% thinking that crypto will exist. On the other hand, French respondents were the most pessimistic about the future of crypto, with only 55% claiming that they believe in crypto in the long-term.

The percentage of consumers who believe cryptocurrencies will still exist in 10 years

Fewer Europeans turned out to be confident about the biggest cryptocurrency — bitcoin — with an average of 49% of respondents thinking that bitcoin will exist 10 years from now. According to the study, French respondents were the least optimistic about bitcoin, with only 40% of respondents claiming that the crypto will still be around, while Italian and Polish respondents expressed the most confidence about the major cryptocurrency, with 55% and 53% speaking in favor of bitcoin, respectively.

The percentage of consumers who believe bitcoin will indeed exist in 10 years

More particularly, very few Europeans expressed the belief that bitcoin will be an investment and a security tool in 10 years, with an average of 7% of Europeans stating that they believe so.

The percentage of consumers who believe bitcoin will exist as an investment and security tool in 10 years

Andy Bryant, COO at bitFlyer Europe, reportedly said that the poll results indicate that the reputation of cryptocurrency has moved beyond hype and become more established. Bryant concluded that the industry disruptors should promote particular benefits and use cases of crypto, so that people can understand how the technology will come to be used in society.

Recently, Reuters reported that France is going to try to convince other EU member states to adopt cryptocurrency regulations similar to its own.

On April 15, Corporate Traveller, the largest travel management firm in the UK, announced it started accepting bitcoin for payments.

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