Google Bitcoin Searches Are Increasing Very Quickly

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As the 2017 bull run came to an end, so did the huge interest in bitcoin. That’s only natural since bitcoin and almost all cryptocurrencies, lost at least 80% of their value during 2018. Now, as the bear market is over, Google bitcoin searches are going through the roof.

Since the price jumped a little over $3000 in less than a month, Google bitcoin searches come in all shapes and forms.

Of course, the levels are nowhere near the peak reached at the end of 2017. Most of the searches are also from countries who are not dominant in the crypto sphere. The countries who are apparently most interested in bitcoin at the moment are:

  • South Africa
  • The Netherlands
  • Slovenia
  • Austria
  • Nigeria

This increased google bitcoin search is nothing to be surprised about. The market has been in a decline for a little over a year and this huge spike in price is bound to get attention. Unfortunately, many people still look up bitcoin in Google and search for proof it is not a scam.

People’s insecurity can be influenced by the incredibly volatile price. After all, back in December, bitcoin reached the low of $3150 and 6 months later it’s at $8006. The New York Blockchain Week and the Consensus conference concluded on May 17th. Many experts have reminded people that the price of bitcoin almost always spikes during this crypto-focused week. Almost always afterwards, the price takes a noticeable hit.

Google bitcoin searches will steadily increase over time

Cryptocurrencies are also noticeably more common in the media and in real life now. There are countless websites, podcasts, youtube channels and companies working to integrate cryptocurrencies in everyday life.

The recent “60 Minutes” episode had bitcoin in the spotlight. Many people got to hear about Satoshi Nakamoto and got genuinely surprised that his identity was still unknown. The story which was considered the most interesting and therefore successful, was the story of the bitcoin pizza guy.

The “poor” investor was one of the first to mine bitcoin and he spent over 100 000 bitcoins on pizza. If we calculate with today’s price, the bitcoin pizza guy paid over $800 million for pizzas.

Sad stories like this and continued media exposure are bound to result in more Google bitcoin searches. People should also take into consideration that back in the early 2000’s, 99.9% of the world did not have an e-mail address. In less than 20 years, cryptocurrencies can be a daily part of people’s lives.

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