CTO Fired by TRON is Also Accused of Corporate Crimes

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TRON’s current predicament can be viewed as both amusing and troublesome at the same time. Lucian Chen, TRON’s Chief Technical Officer announced he is leaving the project after he arrived back in 2017. Chen shared why he believes TRON is not currently the project he signed up for. A few days later, it turned out the CTO fired by TRON was accused of many corporate crimes.

After Chen went into detail about TRON’s current issues, the TRON PR immediately retaliated. Official representatives stated that Chen was fired in the beginning of the year. The reason turned out to be complicated as Chen was accused of:

  • Misappropriation of funds
  • Theft of trade secrets and intellectual property
  • Competitive infringement
  • Bribery
  • Corruption


The community was initially confused by the entire situation. Justin Sun, Tron CEO and founder retweeted his claim and posted it on Reddit to inform the TRON community.

There was no official announcement from TRON about the many crimes Chen is accused of.  Both TRX investors and developers were apparently clueless during the whole fiasco.  Chen’s crimes became public shortly after he began speaking out against TRON. This seems to be the reason a lot of people are taking Chen’s criticisms of TRON seriously.

The CTO fired from TRON somehow fired himself with a few months delay

In the beginning of the week, Chen announced his “official” departure from the project and called out Sun for moving TRON far from its original vision. Chen mentioned that the levels of decentralization of TRON are nowhere near what Sun claims they are. He also stated that TRON is not able to run internet applications.

Thins definitely aren’t adding up when Justin Sun was apparently silent about corporate crimes for months. The only claims against the fired CTO are on a Reddit thread.

If the CTO fired because of crimes had so much to say about the project and the CEO didn’t inform either the developers or the investors, things are not looking good for TRON.

Both sad and amusing at the same time, this development comes a little after Justin Sun made the ridiculous claim that he single- handedly saved the crypto market.

Despite the many accusations against the fired CTO, Sun’s words seem to hold almost no weight behind them. Fingers are being pointed left and right to determine who the real criminal is and he even exists.

Chen has also announced his new blockchain project – Volume Network (VOL).

He has also refrained from giving an official response towards the accusations of Justin Sun.

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