Coineal Exchange is Listing ILCoin

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Coineal exchange lists ILCoin.

On the 20th of May 2019, the quantum resistant blockchain project ILCoin began trading on Coineal – a world-leading digital asset exchange.

World’s cryptocurrency conjuncture.

A recent study conducted by Dalia Research was aimed at assessing the number of people aware of cryptocurrency. A 24-hour rapid survey was held among over 29000 internet connected people in eight largest crypto markets, namely: the US, the UK, Germany, Japan, China, Brazil, India, and South Korea. The results revealed that 75% of all respondents have heard about cryptocurrencies. Considering the fact that cryptocurrency was unknown to the general public only several years ago, the international information spread is groundbreaking. The results also showed that tech-savvy countries like South Korea and Japan demonstrated the highest crypto awareness, 87%, and 83% respectively. Concerning the ownership, the average among all respondents was 7%, with Japan leading the board with 11%, followed by the UK and the US both having 9%. With the exception of China, all other countries hover around 5-6% ownership rate.

What is Coineal?

There are hundreds of exchange platforms available nowadays. And it is vitally important to place funds on the platform with a proper security system and abyssal liquidity pool. One of such exchanges is Coineal, founded by investors and crypto enthusiasts from China and South Korea, with branches in Japan, Korea, Vietnam, and Russia. Coineal puts a great emphasis on security and stability and has an industry-leading risk management system based on distributed architecture and a robust anti-DDOS system. The exchange has an international investment advisory team that provides the platform with proper liquidity. As of March 2019, there were more than 2 million users from 40 countries, with daily transaction volume exceeding 500M US dollars. According to Coinmarketcap Coineal is ranked at 13th place globally in terms of trade volume.

What is ILCoin?

Founded more than four years ago, ILCoin has positioned itself as a viable alternative to Bitcoin. However, due to its innovative technology, it allows for a greater number of transactions per second than Bitcoin and is highly scalable.

The ILC coin was created with one thing in mind: superior technology. Its team of world-class engineers and entrepreneurs has developed a highly secure digital asset designed to withstand the impending threat of quantum computing.

Using the Command Chain Protocol (C2P) as its consensus algorithm, ILC is one of the most secure offerings on the market today. The protocol uses a series of blocking mechanisms that help prevent the threat of a malicious attack or hack. The ILCoin blockchain is also unsusceptible to a 51% attack.

Moreover, after the recent fork, the size of the block has been increased to 25 MB which is a completely unprecedented invention, as it allows 170,000 transactions per block which amounts to almost 15 million daily transactions.

ILC holders are able to store their coins in cold wallets on a variety of different platforms and operating systems, including Android, Windows, and OSX. All transactions can be viewed within the ILCoin’s block explorer.

«Currently, there are two major problems that the blockchain market is facing. One of the issues is the block size, and the other one is safety. In this regard, ILCoin’s development team is a pioneer and C2P – a milestone on the market. Nobody has ever come up with even slightly similar solutions. A safe and corruption-free system is preferred and more easily accepted by everyone. Not to mention that we have achieved it with a SHA-256 PoW base which further increases our value – Bitcoin is working on the same basis, as well» – stated Norbert Goffa, ILCoin’s Executive Manager.

The prolific collaboration

When asked what meaning the listing on Coineal Exchange has for ILCoin, Mr. Goffa answered:

«Coineal is an excellent exchange; we are expecting a big volume on it. They are among the top exchanges, have good marketing, and are getting popular day by day. As we see, they are also user-friendly. We are also planning a competition there, like we did when listing on BW, but with different conditions.»

ILCoin keeps on expanding its presence, and Coineal is already the 14th digital asset exchange to list them. The details about the trading competition that ILCoin is setting on Coineal can be found on the exchange’s announcement page.

Concerning the team plans regarding further expansion, Mr. Goffa noted:

«We are planning more and more exchanges in this year. We believe that it is a very important issue. The coin needs a big volume – it is the base of long-term success.»

To learn more about the project and keep up-to-date with its new developments and listings, you can check out ILCoin’s website or join its Telegram community.

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