Boring Company Will be Used by Netanyahu and Musk to Help Israel

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Israel has a very serious infrastructure problem. The OECD and the IMF have both stated that Israel’s roads are by far the worst in the western world. This is why, Benjamin Netanyahu promised in his campaign to do everything in his power to fix the country’s infrastructure. The now victorious prime minister, is rumored to use Elon Musk’s Boring Company in order to solve this problem.

Discussions around the potential use of Musk’s technology were started back in March 2018. Netanyahu and Musk discussed how much will the tunnels ease the traffic above ground. During the final days of his campaign, Netanyahu stated:

“I met Elon Musk – have any of you heard of him? He’s a real genius. We’re currently discussing our options to tunnel the state of Israel.”

It’s only natural that voters would like to see the problem with the roads solved. Musk stated that the Boring Company is mainly focused on eliminating traffic congestion. According to him, tunnels can be made that will allow people to go from New York to Washington DC in less than 30 minutes.

Musk’s Boring Company can provide the a quick solution

Tunnels are currently the best thing to combat traffic problems. They are weatherproof and people don’t see the huge amount of traffic that goes through them. A huge tunnel network with many levels can do wonders for traffic congestion in every city in the world.

The traffic in Israel is rising constantly. The extremely inefficient transport will cost the country over 25 billion shekels ($6.9 billion) a year by 2030.

There is no room for hesitation as actions must be taken urgently. Netanyahu may have won the elections, but the victory was by no means easy. The Prime Minister must now form a coalition government with some of the most popular right-wing parties.

Some experts are highly skeptical regarding some of his campaign promises such as the annexation of the West Bank. As bad as Israel’s infrastructure his, the Israeli-Arab conflict is currently a much greater obstacle for the only democracy in the Middle East.

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