This App Teaches You How to Become a Bitcoin Cash Trader

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If you are new to the crypto space and want to learn more about trading there’s a useful app that focuses on one of the most popular cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin Cash: Online Course gives you the basics and explains in detail the instruments that any successful trader should be using such as fundamental and technical analyses.

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Learn the Basics of Crypto Trading and the Advantages of Bitcoin Cash

Bitcoin Cash: Online Course is a mobile application developed for Android devices. It’s an educational app that teaches bitcoin cash trading for beginners, including online and CFD trading. But before that, the app starts with a summary on cryptocurrencies and an explanation about blockchain technology and how it works.

The software provides an extensive description of bitcoin cash, the cryptocurrency that represents the original concept of Bitcoin – as peer-to-peer electronic cash. The online course goes on to point out the differences between Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and Bitcoin Core (BTC) and speaks about the future of BCH.

This App Teaches You How to Become a Bitcoin Cash Trader

The application has a dedicated page on how to conduct fundamental analysis, which is very important in order to understand the external macroeconomic factors that could affect the price or the value of a particular cryptocurrency. It deals with questions like what problems bitcoin cash solves and lists its main advantages such as fast and low cost transactions.

The online course helps traders with understanding the importance of technical analysis, which involves the studying of patterns and trends, while recognizing the natural repetitive cycles that occur on the market. The app explores trend lines which typically move in three directions – upward, downward and sideways – and explains indicators such as moving averages.

The Bitcoin Cash: Online Course application also describes other trading instruments such as the Relative Strength Index, which is an oscillator used in measuring the speed and change of price movements. It helps traders recognize oversold and overbought market conditions.

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