Keep Track of Important Crypto Events With Coindar

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The cryptocurrency space is abundant with events, from blockchain upgrades to platform launches and informal meetups. Coindar is a free calendar tool that helps crypto enthusiasts closely follow what’s happening in the industry and make better investment decisions.

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Online Calendar Tracks Coin-Related Developments

Coindar is an online platform where users can track upcoming events related to various digital coins and tokens. Acquiring this type of information can be crucial for any crypto investor who wants to be successful in the long run.

Some events may significantly influence the prices of cryptocurrencies, creating opportunities for traders in the loop to profit or even to claim electronic cash. These include periods with halvings, hard forks and airdrops.

Coindar provides multiple filtering and sorting options. Events can be sorted by date or time period but users can also choose to display only those that have been added recently or just the most popular. The website currently shows almost 800 upcoming events, 26 of which have been added in the last 24 hours.

Keep Track of Important Crypto Events With Coindar

Events can be filtered by tags such as announcement, update, meetup, and brand. You can also pick those that have been added from what has been determined to be a reliable source, the ones that the platform considers important or your own favorites.

Users interested in a particular cryptocurrency can find the events that pertain to their favorite coin. For example, typing BCH in the search bar will show you the upgrade which introduces Schnorr signatures to the Bitcoin Cash network. It has been marked as an important event and the website links to the Company Blog where you can get more detailed information about it.

Coindar also maintains a Forecasts page as well as a Coins page, which is a cryptocurrency market cap aggregator offering real-time data for hundreds of digital currencies.

What other crypto calendars do you know or use? Tell us more about their features in the comments section below.

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